A new thought salah brings to me

because I love my lord

We as muslims are ordered to pray 5 times a day to meet the lord the Master as he says that “when you bow – you bow in my feet” those who love ALLAH SWT will never miss their chance of salah. Accordingly , this generates a thought that is – if you actually love someone you will have to check on them frequently, or else they will automatically feel that you do not love them. When salah was made binding for all muslims didn’t we think WHY DO WE PERFORM SALAH ? We all have busy days , having a lot to do but ,out of that time you take out time for the Master and stand before him, yes you love him – and this applies to your loved ones too if, you love them no matter how occupied you are your heart will urge you to take out time for them and make sure if they are doing fine and to tell them that you love them – and if you find it so hard then seriously either you don’t love them or you haven’t learnt to manage things according.

If salah is hard for you to perform , then I don’t think you can ever truly love someone.