Look in front

We all had those bad days.. 
Days when we fell to the ground,
Days when we though its over..
Days when we thought we can not do it anymore..
Days when we thought there wont be any more sunlight

well I say those days were meant to be part of the journey – those days were to teach you life ain’t easy
 – your knees on the ground till you pray – till your feet steady to stand up for yourself.. There has never been existence to the word ‘impossible’ till we believed it was. Its just that when we believe its possible it really is possible – God never sent anybody without giving them a reason to exist a reason to keep on believing that they have something not everyone else has. If today I can tell you that you can do it is because I did it myself.. its because I fell down too just like you its because I made mistakes too just like you its because I was wrong too sometimes but when I asked God to help me he gave me the strength , when I asked God to correct me when I am mistaken he gave me the wisdom to decide for myself..when I asked God to tell me where to go he navigated me .. he doesn’t speak to me he just speaks to my heart where he lives .. and when they say ask your heart .. they mean ask God! 

He fails you – so that you try harder.. So that you believe in him even more than you did.. So that you love him even more than you thought you could.. Life isn’t meant to be easy until and unless you seek mercy until and unless you tell God that you need him ! 
This post is for all my dear ones who try and fail.. let me tell you that you can DO IT .. failure only exists till we want it to!