Tell Them

Tell them I did not know I had to go
Tell them I never knew this was the last time
Tell them I love them
Tell them not to cry
Tell my mom I can’t see those tears in her eyes
Tell my sister I am with her all the time
Tell my brother don’t you worry I am fine
Tell my dad I’ve learnt to be brave enough to fly
Tell them all I am gone but it hurts me to see you all cry
Tell them not to find me – tell them not to touch me
Tell them to stay away – my daddy always kept me safe
Tell them I have forgiven everyone who hurt me
Tell them they are in my heart the ones who love me
Tell them I still have that smile on my face just like always
Tell them I hosted their journey but today I am the Lord’s guest
Tell them Ghazala is gone – mom take your medicines on time – little brother don’t you stay away at night , take care of mom , dad , sisters and yourself , there is not much I can do for you from up here.
Tell them to keep seeking forgiveness from the Giver , Tell them not to mourn for long
Tell my family not to place anybody in the space I have left behind me ,
Tell them not to say much about me …

photo courtesy : dunya news
Ghazala Malik
photo courtesy : dunya news

In the loving memory of  the air hostess Ghazala who was on Bhoja aircraft !
May ALLAH rest her soul in peace