So its mothers’ day

From 7th of may to 13th it has been mothers’ week and its finally mothers’ day – I have a very different message a here a very different perception of mothers’ day ! All round the year a large part of our society (educated society) which indulges in , abusing women , harassing women at work places , homes , schools , colleges , who curse with abusive words for mothers and sisters, rapes , beats , and kills women just for the slightest of errors she made or may be even what she might haven’t done. Why do you do this when you even say you love and respect your mother and sister? If you say you love your mother , why do you not respect equally someone else’s mother , someone else’s sister ( a mother to be) why are you so shallow to understand that your words are so hypocritical ? A mother is not merely a woman , a mother is a best friend, your first teacher , your entertainer , your cook , your caretaker , your everything that makes you who you are today ! why do you have to embarrass her by showing her that how hard she worked on you was a waste of time, energy , will power. Do you have any idea every time you do any of these filthy deeds , you disrespect a mother. Womanhood is beautiful, so is motherhood don’t make it look so ugly!

Speaking of female abortions.. boy, what you gave your woman is what you will have after those 9 months of the pain she suffered, go kill yourself if its a girl because it solely depends on your strength! so if it’s a daughter – go DIE ! but you still say you love your mother , when you can’t even love your daughter ? Such hypocrisy ? why ?

Its time , you men surrender – seek forgiveness – seek the Lord’s mercy! and realise that when you say you love your mother make sure you do not bring her the shame of knowing how well do you disrespect other women outside ! Be a man respect women !

This post is for all those disrespectful men out there – from a pure feminist