Burger-e-Karachi – The much needed non-burger anthem

Somebody really needed to do that. Great job by the band Young Stunners.
Speaking of youth cultures in Karachi, there is a very small percentage of the youth who are Burger-e-Karachi, Since these girls and guys have everything in life and only feel comfortable with people of their own type. Flaunting big cars, Blackberries, iPhones, iPads and all the i’S that apple ever made.

Looking down on Gulshan’ites – Joharies – Nazimabaadis – Bahadurabadi’s – Orangians – Korangians – Why bacho why do you have to do this ? Being a Psychology student , This ain’t healthy yo! Why do you part ways in society and go against it ? Eid kay din bhe ye shorts pehantay – Garmi se jaan nikalti hogi na ? Kiddos theres a world that exists outside the bounds of Defence and zamzama , you are just a reason for people to laugh at. Jahan koi maila dekhay bolay uss se bach kay ? Hell yeah go save your burger face – they wont spare you.

Speaking in English 24/7 ? Iskay aglay pichlo ko bhe urdu nahe aati – Ummm what do you call that word in Urdu .. Ummm Dang ! I can’t read urdu.. Uhhh yaar what’d that man just say in urdu ? Seriously babies ? seriously ? You feel ashamed being familiar to your mother toungue Urdu ? That doesn’t make you look smart that doesn’t make you innocent either. Har cheez mai accent? You’re just a sick wanna-bee bachhay you need help.

But way to go – keep up with your imaginary glory of burgeristan- and O! burger ja kay apna mou dho lo.


Hail Young stunners.