Mailay Majnu kaheen kay

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The stunners have done it again. They used their way of convincing people to not stick to extremes , either too ‘burger’ or too ‘maila’. Apart from giving us all a good laughter and a sound view of the ailay mailay around us, do we still wonder why they rap around about these people ?
The answer seems obvious, and that is to enroll one’s ownself into the group of normal people, those who aren’t gola gandaz, or who wear shorts on eid ki namaz . One of those who don’t give ‘wo gaaliyan jo mai or app to dey nahe saktay’.

We all remember very well how un-accidently two years ago AMIR BHAI’s exclusive video tape was leaked onto youtube, undoubtedly, unedited, it is their splendour , how well they amalgamate his voice overs in their song. I mean how smart are these boys, and that totally links up to ‘Dete hain ye baat baat pe aisi gaaliya’

I, personally don’t think this is to offend anyone who falls under their category of Burger or maila, it is just how well they demonstrate who they are and how do they look in the society we live in. Job well done boys ! Talha, Zion and Talha Anjum. I look forward to the video of  Maila majnu