An interview of a rising star, Bilal Yousufzai is definitely the NEXT BIG THING

” When CBM’S patron came to know that I am leading the team,
he said to Our Patron ,If Bilal Yousufzai is going,
you guys  will surely win the best play and best actor award.”

Sharfu from Desi Funkariyan A play written and directed by Bilal himself

With absolutely no doubt and hesitation I can unassumingly say this that there is nobody, who has seen theatre competitions, theatre and especially contesting team from Iqra University, can claim they do not feel familiar to the name of, Bilal Yousufzai.

The founder of Dramaculas, a brand name he carries with his team of talented actors. Hes not only a theatre actor, but he also musters the art of mimicry, direction and script writing as he has written a couple of his own plays as well, that have won best play and direction awards at nearly all the contests they were staged.

Having performed in almost every Theatre and Dramatics contest all over Pakistan, held at grand or mediocre scales, and being a part of the most glorious stage plays ever witnessed in Pakistan, those being written by Pakistan’s greatest veteran in literature and arts, Mr. Anwar Maqsood himself, Bilal’s journey through different characters sums up in this small but meaningful interview.

  1. Why theatre ?

    Well for me theatre is love, theatre is life, theatre is everything..I mean I cannot describe the type of feeling you get when you’re standing in front of a huge crowd. All eyes are looking at you and all ears are there to listen to you and the moment you end a statement and the crowd applause its..its just amazing.

  2. Who has been your greatest inspiration throughout?

    My theatre director Dawar Mehmood. He has always been my inspiration throughout my journey. I mean he is only 24 and he has directed some of the finest theatre plays including Pawney 14 August, Sawa 14 August, Aangan Terrha And Half Plate..I’ve learnt nothing is impossible by looking at his work.

  3. Biggest rejection ever faced?

    I was just 19 and I auditioned for Pawney 14 August..The first ever Pawney 14 august..The first ever theatre play that Anwar Maqsood sahib wrote..I was very excited for this and I desperately wanted to start my theatre career with this masterpiece but unfortunately I wasn’t that good in auditions..I failed the made me cry because I was expecting a lot. I never looked back and auditioned again. The second time I was impressive and I finally  got my name written in the cast of Pawney 14 august Lahore. After that I’ve been in each and every play that Anwar Maqsood sahib wrote.

  4. If it wasn’t theatre, then what?

    If not theatre, I wouldn’t have been a very polished actor. I mean when I look at myself 3 years back I was an ordinary actor but when I stepped into theatre I was polished and I became more mature.
    If there wasn’t theare I might have directly stepped into the tv.

    The all time praised charachter of Bilal as Coolie in Sawa 14 august
    The all time praised charachter of Bilal as Coolie in Sawa 14 august


  5. What has been your most triumphant moment as yet, on stage?

    The day when I stepped on Iqra university’s stage to perform my first ever play. It was for IUMUN Delegates. We assumed the delegates to be very decent and well mannered. They were but after a hectic day, they wanted some entertainment. They were getting annoyed by the music performance which took place before our play, so they started hooting. As our play started they continued to hoot and our play started very bad until my entry. As I entered people didn’t let me speak a word and they continued their hooting. Then there was a girl who shouted “Hansi nahin arahi, thori entertainment lao” and I replied her “Ye wo log hotey hein k jo mayyat mein jatey hein to wahan b kehtey hein, hansi nahin arahi thori entertainment lao”.  And suddenly the whole crowd busted into laughter.
    There I made a point that stage is our home, if you try to enter our home and mess with us, you’ll have to pay. The crowd started shouting “Sharfu sharfu sharfu” in the entire play and continued to do so even when the 2nd play was started.

  6. What disappoints you most about theatre, here in Pakistan?

    Theatre is becoming a business in Pakistan. Each and every theatre company that is working here are aiming to make money and not promoting the art. I hate the fact that the ticket price for every play that is taking place at arts council ranges from 1000-1500. It only means that theatre is for those who can spend that much money to watch.

  7. Any regrets?

    Not at all ,I am just thankful to Allah for everything.

    A click from Sawa 14 august
    A click from Pawney 14 august 


  8. Your journey until now, have you suffered or faced the  wrath of haters?

    No, I mean there are lovers and haters everywhere but as a comedian and as an entertainer I believe I don’t have any haters. And if there are any haters I don’t know them.

    Spreading colors of his glorious talent in different characters
    Spreading colors of his glorious talent in different characters


  9. What do you love most about your relationship with theatre?

    Theatre has helped me groom as an actor and as a human being. It has taught me lessons like self-belief, never giving up, never looking back.

  10. What / who is your motivation/ motivator?

    I’ve seen many ups and downs in my life and there was only one person who stood beside me when it mattered the most..that is Bilal Yousufzai. I believe sometimes your are your only hope.

  11. Favorite play of your own?

    I am in love with each and every play that I did in my life, I’ve done 9 commercial plays and my favorite play was Sawa 14 august in which I played the role of a Coolie which received tremendous appreciation. Even today when people see me they talk o me about that character. There was a lot of hard work behind that character I mean I had to spend time at the cantt station watching every coolie and noticing their behavior. Courtesy of being a method actor.

    A click from Angan Terha 2013
    A click from Angan Terha 2013


  12. The most meaningful and valued praise you’ve ever received?

    When a random girl said to one of my friend “I’ve seen many theatre plays and many theatre actors, but Bilal Yousufzai is one of the most unique actor I’ve seen”When we came back from LUMS, after winning the best actor and best play award. Our patron told me that he received a call from CBM’s patron who wished him luck for  LUMS Dramafest a day before we were leaving for the competition. When CBM’S patron came to know that I am leading the team, he said to Our Patron “ If Bilal Yousufzai is going, you guys will surely win the best play and best actor award.”

  13. What is the greatest lesson, life and theatre have taught you combined?

    Be humble, down to earth and be nice to everyone, stage is a place which will make you or break you and you have no idea when. So be humble, down to earth and enjoy what you do.

  14. What makes you proud, the most?

    Well what makes me proud is when I look at my trophy cabinet and I see the number of awards I’ve achieved over the years. The stats say it all, 24 awards in last 3 years. I am very thankful to Allah. Apart from that the fact that I’ve acted in all the theatre plays that Anwar sahib has written, makes me feel amazing.

  15. Your words of wisdom for everybody reading this interview?

    Always believe in yourself no matter what, if you believe yo u can do it YOU CAN. Let nobody tell you, You can’t do anything, people cant do something themselves, they tell you, you can’t do it either but the fact is there is talent in each and every human being that is here in this world, we just need to explore ourselves. 

    Bilal's tremendous passion for doing it big, won him this treasure of several awards
    Bilal’s tremendous passion for doing it big, won him this treasure of several awards with several more to come very shortly




Mailay Majnu kaheen kay

images (10)

The stunners have done it again. They used their way of convincing people to not stick to extremes , either too ‘burger’ or too ‘maila’. Apart from giving us all a good laughter and a sound view of the ailay mailay around us, do we still wonder why they rap around about these people ?
The answer seems obvious, and that is to enroll one’s ownself into the group of normal people, those who aren’t gola gandaz, or who wear shorts on eid ki namaz . One of those who don’t give ‘wo gaaliyan jo mai or app to dey nahe saktay’.

We all remember very well how un-accidently two years ago AMIR BHAI’s exclusive video tape was leaked onto youtube, undoubtedly, unedited, it is their splendour , how well they amalgamate his voice overs in their song. I mean how smart are these boys, and that totally links up to ‘Dete hain ye baat baat pe aisi gaaliya’

I, personally don’t think this is to offend anyone who falls under their category of Burger or maila, it is just how well they demonstrate who they are and how do they look in the society we live in. Job well done boys ! Talha, Zion and Talha Anjum. I look forward to the video of  Maila majnu


Burger-e-Karachi – The much needed non-burger anthem

Somebody really needed to do that. Great job by the band Young Stunners.
Speaking of youth cultures in Karachi, there is a very small percentage of the youth who are Burger-e-Karachi, Since these girls and guys have everything in life and only feel comfortable with people of their own type. Flaunting big cars, Blackberries, iPhones, iPads and all the i’S that apple ever made.

Looking down on Gulshan’ites – Joharies – Nazimabaadis – Bahadurabadi’s – Orangians – Korangians – Why bacho why do you have to do this ? Being a Psychology student , This ain’t healthy yo! Why do you part ways in society and go against it ? Eid kay din bhe ye shorts pehantay – Garmi se jaan nikalti hogi na ? Kiddos theres a world that exists outside the bounds of Defence and zamzama , you are just a reason for people to laugh at. Jahan koi maila dekhay bolay uss se bach kay ? Hell yeah go save your burger face – they wont spare you.

Speaking in English 24/7 ? Iskay aglay pichlo ko bhe urdu nahe aati – Ummm what do you call that word in Urdu .. Ummm Dang ! I can’t read urdu.. Uhhh yaar what’d that man just say in urdu ? Seriously babies ? seriously ? You feel ashamed being familiar to your mother toungue Urdu ? That doesn’t make you look smart that doesn’t make you innocent either. Har cheez mai accent? You’re just a sick wanna-bee bachhay you need help.

But way to go – keep up with your imaginary glory of burgeristan- and O! burger ja kay apna mou dho lo.


Hail Young stunners.

So its mothers’ day

From 7th of may to 13th it has been mothers’ week and its finally mothers’ day – I have a very different message a here a very different perception of mothers’ day ! All round the year a large part of our society (educated society) which indulges in , abusing women , harassing women at work places , homes , schools , colleges , who curse with abusive words for mothers and sisters, rapes , beats , and kills women just for the slightest of errors she made or may be even what she might haven’t done. Why do you do this when you even say you love and respect your mother and sister? If you say you love your mother , why do you not respect equally someone else’s mother , someone else’s sister ( a mother to be) why are you so shallow to understand that your words are so hypocritical ? A mother is not merely a woman , a mother is a best friend, your first teacher , your entertainer , your cook , your caretaker , your everything that makes you who you are today ! why do you have to embarrass her by showing her that how hard she worked on you was a waste of time, energy , will power. Do you have any idea every time you do any of these filthy deeds , you disrespect a mother. Womanhood is beautiful, so is motherhood don’t make it look so ugly!

Speaking of female abortions.. boy, what you gave your woman is what you will have after those 9 months of the pain she suffered, go kill yourself if its a girl because it solely depends on your strength! so if it’s a daughter – go DIE ! but you still say you love your mother , when you can’t even love your daughter ? Such hypocrisy ? why ?

Its time , you men surrender – seek forgiveness – seek the Lord’s mercy! and realise that when you say you love your mother make sure you do not bring her the shame of knowing how well do you disrespect other women outside ! Be a man respect women !

This post is for all those disrespectful men out there – from a pure feminist

Tell Them

Tell them I did not know I had to go
Tell them I never knew this was the last time
Tell them I love them
Tell them not to cry
Tell my mom I can’t see those tears in her eyes
Tell my sister I am with her all the time
Tell my brother don’t you worry I am fine
Tell my dad I’ve learnt to be brave enough to fly
Tell them all I am gone but it hurts me to see you all cry
Tell them not to find me – tell them not to touch me
Tell them to stay away – my daddy always kept me safe
Tell them I have forgiven everyone who hurt me
Tell them they are in my heart the ones who love me
Tell them I still have that smile on my face just like always
Tell them I hosted their journey but today I am the Lord’s guest
Tell them Ghazala is gone – mom take your medicines on time – little brother don’t you stay away at night , take care of mom , dad , sisters and yourself , there is not much I can do for you from up here.
Tell them to keep seeking forgiveness from the Giver , Tell them not to mourn for long
Tell my family not to place anybody in the space I have left behind me ,
Tell them not to say much about me …

photo courtesy : dunya news
Ghazala Malik
photo courtesy : dunya news

In the loving memory of  the air hostess Ghazala who was on Bhoja aircraft !
May ALLAH rest her soul in peace


Look in front

We all had those bad days.. 
Days when we fell to the ground,
Days when we though its over..
Days when we thought we can not do it anymore..
Days when we thought there wont be any more sunlight

well I say those days were meant to be part of the journey – those days were to teach you life ain’t easy
 – your knees on the ground till you pray – till your feet steady to stand up for yourself.. There has never been existence to the word ‘impossible’ till we believed it was. Its just that when we believe its possible it really is possible – God never sent anybody without giving them a reason to exist a reason to keep on believing that they have something not everyone else has. If today I can tell you that you can do it is because I did it myself.. its because I fell down too just like you its because I made mistakes too just like you its because I was wrong too sometimes but when I asked God to help me he gave me the strength , when I asked God to correct me when I am mistaken he gave me the wisdom to decide for myself..when I asked God to tell me where to go he navigated me .. he doesn’t speak to me he just speaks to my heart where he lives .. and when they say ask your heart .. they mean ask God! 

He fails you – so that you try harder.. So that you believe in him even more than you did.. So that you love him even more than you thought you could.. Life isn’t meant to be easy until and unless you seek mercy until and unless you tell God that you need him ! 
This post is for all my dear ones who try and fail.. let me tell you that you can DO IT .. failure only exists till we want it to! 

A new thought salah brings to me

because I love my lord

We as muslims are ordered to pray 5 times a day to meet the lord the Master as he says that “when you bow – you bow in my feet” those who love ALLAH SWT will never miss their chance of salah. Accordingly , this generates a thought that is – if you actually love someone you will have to check on them frequently, or else they will automatically feel that you do not love them. When salah was made binding for all muslims didn’t we think WHY DO WE PERFORM SALAH ? We all have busy days , having a lot to do but ,out of that time you take out time for the Master and stand before him, yes you love him – and this applies to your loved ones too if, you love them no matter how occupied you are your heart will urge you to take out time for them and make sure if they are doing fine and to tell them that you love them – and if you find it so hard then seriously either you don’t love them or you haven’t learnt to manage things according.

If salah is hard for you to perform , then I don’t think you can ever truly love someone.