Is it peace that you’re looking for?

I wonder how hard it is to find “PEACE” and stick to it forever. We lust for it don’t we? Listening to soft music or closing your eyes might give you peace but not for long. Peace has to be eternal for me and for you. For every game there are rules, for every song there is a rhythm, for every math problem there are steps. don’t you think so ?

Peaceful life Peaceful death needs a peaceful mind 🙂 peace comes with satisfaction, satisfaction of having your part of the job executed and accomplished. We refer peace as silence or no disturbance around. Which to an extent is the state of mind we need. After a long tiring day from being stuck into the traffic jam and dealing with a dozens of people off course we need peace when we get home. A calm quiet place with cool air touching your face , but after a few hours it won’t be the same. Now this is what I am talking about. This peace was so temporary because it only healed your head and body. Did it heal your heart too ??

Peace of the heart is just like completing a puzzle.
and for that I have really do-able and worth-doing things for you 🙂

1) apologize to people as soon as you realize you were wrong
2) don’t ever mistreat your friends
3) develop a deep-hearted relation with GOD he’d never let you go the wrong way or let you down – no never ever
4) love your parents and your family – there is no other place like home and no other person like family
5) make more and more people smile
6) stop complaining too much – life isn’t easy until you make it so 🙂
7) hug your beloved ones – it feels amazing to be hugged 🙂
8) help your friends – even you might need it someday
9) don’t envy anyone – try being better than them 🙂
10) keep doing social work even if it’s helping a bleeding dog on the road – social work is all about being HUMAN.
11) keep your appearance appealing – it really satisfies no matter where ever you are
12) keep greeting friends, keep up with relatives.

As, I mentioned these points above , its all about caring and loving – life is really not easy but life is also not impossible. There are tineeee tiny things we all can do for each other and our selves.

I am sure this helps you to be at peace of the head , heart and body 🙂


Why me why not you ?

I yelled at my mother
because I didn’t get what I asked for

I broke the rules because
I knew they won’t say a word to me just because of who I am

I never knew what it’s like to starve
because I never had to

I walked down the lane with respect
not earned by me but gifted to me by my father

I wasted time I wasted money
it wasn’t that much of a big deal

I lost a 1000bucks and daddy was OK with it
because it doesn’t matter it was just a 1000 huh who cares

I went to the best school in town
because my parents had enough to pay the school fee thrice a month

I met a boy who was the only bread earner of his family
a mother to take care of a sister to educate

I met a girl who never went to school
yet works 9 12 hours a day to keep her father alive

I met a child selling news papers down the road
he didn’t even know what was written in them

I met a woman who stitches clothes all day
her husband died leaving 5 children behind to raise

I met all these people but I forgot to ask
why is it that I am so blessed ? why me why not YOU 😦

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